Dealing with Missing Teeth in Spring, TX: Why You Should Replace Your Missing Teeth

Usually, the first thing that people notice about you is your smile. But if you have missing teeth, you will never want people to notice your grin. In fact, you may not want to smile at all or choose to cover your mouth when you talk because you are embarrassed about your missing teeth. If you are tired of this situation, you should see a dentist in Spring, TX, and get the right teeth replacement solution for you. 

How You Could Have Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can occur due to tooth decay, dental injuries, gum disease, wear and tear, and dental extractions. Also, your permanent teeth may not come in due to a genetic disorder. Missing a tooth or more can have negative effects on many areas of your life. Your teeth play can help with your digestion, pronunciation, confidence, job opportunities, and overall health. 

What Happens If You Do Not Replace Your Missing Teeth

Having missing teeth is more than just a cosmetic issue. Did you know that it can also affect your jawbone and gums? Over time, a missing tooth can cause a bad bite, which can happen as the teeth that surround the gap will shift to the open space to try to fill it. It will then make it hard for you to consume your favorite food and drink properly. Also, this can trigger muscle pain, headaches, and TMJ disorder. In addition, missing teeth can lead to super eruption down the line. Super eruption in dentistry means the tooth opposite the missing teeth will emerge too far because of a lack of opposing force that stops it. 

Moreover, missing teeth can cause bone loss. The teeth help support and stimulate your jawbone. If you lose a tooth, its natural roots won’t be embedded in the jawbone anymore, resulting in bone loss. Additionally, the gap created by the missing teeth can alter your mouth’s shape, increasing your risk of tooth decay.

If your mouth has a gap that people can see whenever you smile, talk, or laugh, you may not do these activities without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious. This makes it hard for you to socialize, compromising your mental health. 

It is imperative to know that a lot of treatment options are available to help restore your confident smile. Your dentist can help you determine the right option for your dental concerns. One of the best options you should consider, include dental implants. Your dentist can decide whether or not you are a good candidate for this restorative treatment. 

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