Helpful Tips To Eat And Drink With Invisalign

The first 1 or 2 weeks of any orthodontic treatment require some eating changes. There was a need to put limitations on your eating habits with traditional braces. It is the thing of the past because with Invisalign you can enjoy your favorite drinks and food by making a few changes in your routine.

When eating with Invisalign what care and precautions need to be taken must be understood. Visit the Tribeca Dental Care website to learn about the details. They provide a range of dental services cosmetic dentistry, tooth replacement, restorative dentistry, and other treatment methods at affordable prices. Also, they offer insurance and various payment plans.

Tips to eat and drink with Invisalign

Breakfast – Eating breakfast in a car is preferable for Invisalign patients because you have to floss or brush after a meal before keeping the aligners back again. So, it’s good to have your breakfast at home. Try to prepare breakfast at night so that you can save your time in the morning.

Lunch – It’s very difficult for most people to come back home during lunch. In those cases, you have to do a few things like:

  • Always, carry a toothpaste, brush, floss, and aligner case along with you
  • Choose food items that tint less like cheese sauce instead of tomato sauce
  • Avoid pigmented foods such as berries and beets
  • Try to stay away from the ice, nuts, hard candy, and other tough foods while wearing your Invisalign

If food gets stuck in your teeth, then the chances to suffer from gum diseases and cavities increase. Whether you are at the workplace or home it’s good to maintain oral hygiene.

Snacks – Anything that contains nutritional values and easy to eat is ideal. For example fruits, yogurt, bars, nuts, and soft granola are great snacks. Except for water, you have to brush after drinking or eating anything, so don’t forget to brush after eating snacks.

Dinner – Dinner is the perfect time to clean your aligners, let them soak in the solution until you eat. You can include tougher food in your dinner such as corn or steak on the cob because you will get enough time to brush and floss. In case, you are having dinner outside, follow the similar tips as lunch.

If you are drinking beverages remove your aligners, finish them, clean your teeth, and wear again. You have to wear aligners for at least 20 hours, so try to avoid removing multiple times in a day.

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