7 Dermatologist-proven Skin Care Guidelines for Best Skin Care

Everybody dreams of having that glowing and healthy skin. Unfortunately, new commodities coming into the market daily and skincare recommendations from online platforms make it complex to choose the best routine for your skin. Some strategies you already know include drinking a lot of water and having enough sleep. Luckily, Manhattan Dermatology has got you covered with fantastic guidelines to get the best skincare you have been dreaming of. Here are 7 dermatologist-proven guidelines to help you have the best skin.

  1.     Apply the Appropriate Cleanser

It is essential to know the type of skin you have to ensure you apply the correct cleanser. For instance, if your skin is oily-prone, you can choose benzoyl peroxide wash or salicylic gel.

Alternatively, if you have dry, mature skin, apply moisturizing glycolic and milky cleansers as they work to perfection.

  1.     Avoid Using Multiple Products

When you expose your skin to numerous skincare products, you are at greater risk of damaging your skin. For instance, these products may lead to more breakouts and blocked pores.

  1.     Eat Healthy Diet

Your skin functions as an excretory system that gets rid of that your body does not agree with. When you get excessive dairy being digested by your body, the dairy may come out in cystic acne-looking form on the chin and jawline area.

Some of the products you can consume to trigger the production of oil include yogurt, cheese, and milk which ignite the process of acne.

  1.       Stay Away From Heat Exposure

Staying close to the fire zone and heaters harm your skin. Heat exposure causes a breakdown of collagen and inflammation. Ensure you stay approximately ten feet away from direct heat.

  1.     Go For an Overall Body Exam

After turning 30 years, you need to receive a full-body skin exam from a dermatologist. Through an overall examination, your dermatologist can successfully show how to do an appropriate skin check. Besides, a complete body exam can effectively detect melanoma, a life-threatening skin cancer that is treatable if detected at the initial stages.

  1.     Boost Your Blood Flow

In the market, there are several products you can select from. For instance, ginseng effectively stimulates the blood flow in your capillaries. Such stimulated flow of blood enhances healthy, strong, and glowing skin. If you add your product hyaluronic with ginseng, it even works better.

  1.     Ensure You Keep Your Makeup Brushes Always Clean

It is essential to clean your makeup brushes several times to fight pore blockage and infections. Washing them at least once a week is okay, while you wash tools you use around your eye twice every month. Other brushes you can clean at least once per month.

To maintain glowing and healthy skin, you need to avoid over-the-counter treatments as they do not always work. Alternatively, you should avoid institutions with no track record of adequate skincare treatment. Now, where can you get these appropriate services? Manhattan Dermatology, located in Midtown East, NY, comprises a board of experienced and certified dermatologists offering the best dermatology facilities. Try them today by visiting or booking online to schedule an appointment.

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