Amazing Benefits of Pain-Free Dentistry

You all know how important it is to take care of your oral health. But anxiety is one of the most common reasons why many people of all age groups ignore or hesitate to visit a dentist. But those days are gone when low pain tolerance had to come up with various excuses in order to avoid dental clinic visits. Some reputable dental clinics like Chapel Gate Dental offer pain free dentist for patients of all ages dealing with a low tolerance for pain or dental anxiety. Their main goal is to put their patients’ minds at ease, calm their nerves and also give them the confidence to visit their dentist when they need treatment without fear of pain.

Take a look at some great benefits of pain-free dentistry:

  • A relationship with a dentist improves

If a patient is offered a painless alternative, it will naturally put a patient at ease. This will help to improve the relationship of the patient with the dentist, as it shows that the oral professional is also concerned about their patient’s comfort level as well.

It makes patients look forward to follow-ups or future appointments. It even gives dentists an opportunity to absorb any feedback from their patients and thus implement it in the future.

  • Increased chances of dental treatment acceptance

If a patient has no fear or anxiety regarding his/her dental procedure, there are in a better position to accept dental treatment recommendations advised by their dentist. With pain-free procedures, most patients can be completely assured that they can take up the prescribed procedures and also be confident to look forward to future treatments as well. Whether, it is about having a crown on the tooth, root canal procedures, tooth fillings, wisdom tooth extraction, or dental implants, they will be ready to accept any such treatments. They will not miss their dental visits. This will further help to improve the oral health of many patients.

  • Reduced number of dental visits

A pain free dentist often offers combined treatment options to reduce the need for repeated clinic visits for patients. For instance, by giving them a controlled dosage of sedation, it becomes much easier for dentists and patients to comfortably handle different treatments such as tooth extraction, multiple filings, root canals, etc.

One of the reputable dental clinics like Chapel Gate Dental offers Wand STA, for dental procedures. In many cases, patients will not feel that those scary needles have been administered to them. This computerized Wand administers slowly the anesthetic without any discomfort or pressure of normal anesthesia. The Wand STA just numbs the tooth that is being worked on. So, if you are looking for a pain free dentist, choose Wand STA.

If you need a pain free dentist in St Kilda, book an appointment with Chapel Gate Dental today. Whether you need pain-free dental implants or pain-free dental cleaning, their experienced and qualified dentists use the most advanced technology which causes little or no pain at all during the procedure or treatment. So, what are you waiting for, call or submit an inquiry online to know more about the dental treatments at Chapel Gate Dental clinic?

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