Common Symptoms of Eye Problems

Most people have ever suffered eye conditions at one point or another. Luckily, some conditions go away independently, and others require home remedies. However, other conditions require specialist care. If these conditions are not treated, they are likely to worsen, being complicated to treat. When you have eye problems, you are likely to have night blindness and suffer from a series of headaches, flashes, and red eyes. Most people having these conditions tend to seek treatment from a specialist. Dr. Melanie Frogozo has been offering special treatment to people having eye conditions. The following are the symptoms associated with an eye problem.

Red Eyes

Your eyes can turn red due to various conditions and injuries that could cause swelling, irritation, and vision loss. Sometimes, the individual’s small blood vessels can also be inflamed, making the eyes turn red. If you have red eyes, it is a sign your eyes are irritated. Moreover, you could have an infection or a bigger problem. The red eyes can be due to eye allergies, uveitis, Blepharitis, and conjunctivitis. If your eyes have remained red for a long, you should consider visiting an optometrist.

Light Sensitivity

This is a condition where a person feels uncomfortable looking at bright light and a condition known as photophobia. If you have mild photophobia, you will likely squint when outside or in a brightly lit room. In severe cases, you could have significant eye pain when light exposure. Some conditions with high light sensitivity include cataracts, allergies, migraine, strabismus, and corneal abrasion.


In most instances, the flashes appear as lightning streaks or flashing lights in the individual’s field of vision. In some instances, the person can see flashes similar to the “stars” that the individual sees after being hit on the head. In some instances, the flashes are caused by vitreous pulling or rubbing on the retina or aging. Other conditions that could cause flashes include migraines and detached or torn retinas. If you start seeing flashes and have not recently had eye surgery, you should consider visiting an optometrist.

Dry Eyes

A dry eye is a condition when the individual’s tears cannot provide adequate lubrication to their eyes. This problem can make you feel gritty, irritated, or scratchy. In some instances, dry eyes signify a person suffering from a critical condition. For instance, dry eyes could signal the person suffering from Bell’s palsy, Chronic dry eye, or Blepharitis.


Your eyes can swell because of head, face, or neck trauma. This condition causes your eye tissues and eyelids to be inflamed and irritated, making them swollen and discolored. In some instances, swelling could also signify suffering from a serious eye condition. Common issues include corneal ulcers, cellulitis, black eye, and blocked tear duct.


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