Dental Care 101: A Guide To 7 Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures! 

Besides restorative and preventive dentistry, there’s also a third branch of dental care – cosmetic dentistry. True to the name, this branch focuses on aesthetics. If you think you are unhappy with your smile, you could talk to your Palm Harbor, FL dentist, and they can make recommendations based on your concerns. The good news is most procedures used for enhancing your smile are absolutely safe. In this post, we are discussing seven common cosmetic dentistry procedures. 

  1. Teeth Whitening: The first and probably the most common procedure is teeth whitening. As the name indicates, the process is about whitening stained and discolored teeth, for which your dentist could do an in-office method or give you customized trays that you are supposed to wear at home with a special bleaching solution. 
  2. Dental veneers. Also called porcelain veneers, these are thin shells that are bonded to your teeth to enhance their appearance. This requires the dentists to remove a part of your natural enamel, which allows them to make space for the veneers. Veneers are great for treating discolored, gapped, and cracked teeth, and the procedure is permanent. 
  3. Dental implants. A dental implant is a replacement tooth root that is placed on the bone socket of the missing tooth. This requires surgery, but once the jawbone heals, the implant is sealed in place and works as the base for replacement teeth. There are all sorts of dental implants, including modern options that allow the patient to get a complete set of teeth on just four implants. 
  4. Crowns: Crowns cover the top surface of your teeth, and you may need to get a crown even after a root canal treatment. These crowns are typically made of porcelain, and dentists also rely on the option to cover chipped teeth or fillings. Even with basic care, dental crowns can last for years. 
  5. Dental bonding: The last one on this list is dental bonding, which is excellent for those who have stained or chipped teeth. A special composite bonding material is used to cover a tooth as needed. While bonding remains a popular and affordable choice for many patients, the material doesn’t last as long as crowns, which is why dentists often recommend veneers. 

Final word: 

Check with your dentist about these procedures and discuss the various aspects of a particular treatment. Ensure that you don’t rush into an option before understanding what to expect. 

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