Dentistry for Children: Why Regular Dental Visits is Important

Oral health care must be offered even to babies who don’t have their milk teeth yet. Dentists encourage parents to offer oral care to their kids from infancy, as soon as they turn 1. The sooner your child starts taking advantage of dentistry for children, the healthier their mouth will stay throughout their lives. Early checkups with a pediatric dentist help prevent cavities and tooth decay that can result in pain, trouble focusing, and other problems. Kids with healthy teeth tend to chew food easily, smile with confidence, and learn to speak clearly. Below are the reasons regular dental visits can benefit your child:

Prevent Disease

Your child’s teeth are as susceptible to tooth decay as yours. Even baby teeth must be protected so they can guide the incoming permanent teeth. Aside from monitoring and treating decay, your child’s dentist can perform measures to protect their teeth through topical fluoride applications or sealants.

Ensure your Child Develops Good Bites

A pediatric dentist can get early cues that your child’s teeth are not erupting properly and are on the way to developing a poor bite. They can initiate measures to reduce the impact of a developing poor bite such as installing spacers to guide an erupting permanent tooth. By making early interventions, the dentist can help minimize the extent and cost of later orthodontic treatment.

Prevent Mouth Injuries

Young kids are active that they can suffer mouth injuries falling onto furniture while playing or learning to walk. The risk of remains even as they get older, particularly when there are active in sports. A pediatric dentist can offer advice on accident prevention and help fashion a custom mouth guard for your little athlete.

Get Child Care Assistance

The most significant aspect of your child’s dental care is what occurs at home every day.  Your child’s dentist can serve as their dental coach to help them get on the right track with daily brushing and flossing. Also, they can offer tips on good dietary habits that promote nutrition and deter dental disease. They can also work through other childhood problems such as teething, teeth grinding, and thumb sucking.

Just like adults, kids can also have health issues and infections. And they depend on you to help them take care of their oral health. As a parent, what you can do is to teach and help them develop good oral hygiene habits they can bring until they grow up. Teach them how to properly brush their teeth and remind them how frequently they should be doing it.

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