Have an appointment with your dentist in Richmond? Ask these questions!

Dental care has evolved drastically over the years. Yet, people often suffer teeth loss and other dental concerns, usually because they don’t keep up with basic oral hygiene practices and avoid seeing a dentist. If you are visiting a family dentist in Richmond, IN, for your next appointment, here are some questions that you need to ask.

Can I consider treatments to improve my smile?

This is a genuine question that many people, often because they don’t feel confident about the way they smile. Each patient’s expectations and objectives are different, and a dentist can explain the options that are unique to your situation.

Will you explain oral hygiene to my kids?

If you are taking your child for an appointment with the dentist, you should ask if they will explain oral hygiene to the kid. In fact, many adults also seek help on how they can improve at-home dental care. In other words, don’t assume this is a stupid question to ask – not for your kids, not for you.

When should I schedule a dental cleaning?

In most cases, dentists recommend dental cleanings once every six months. If you just had a cleaning done, ask the dentist when you should come next and the additional precautions and care instructions you need to follow to keep your teeth healthy.

Have you found any dental health conditions that I should worry about?

While dentists should explain any warning sign of dental disease, you must ask this question. This becomes even more important when you have conditions like diabetes. Some dental health conditions are easily found during a checkup.

Would I benefit from any dental treatment?

It is not rare or unusual for dentists to recommend dental treatments when they feel that the option could help a patient. For instance, if you have a minor decay in a tooth, your dentist may recommend using a crown after appropriate treatment.

Do you offer emergency care?

People often forget to ask this question. While you never need to go to the ER for a dental emergency, you should ask whether a clinic can be trusted for such situations. Many family dentistry clinics offer services on demand and around the clock.

Lastly, talk to your dentist if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry. As long as the treatment is safe for you, your dentist can help you achieve aesthetic results.

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