Here is Your Dentist’s Wish List for You This Christmas

This holiday, Santa Claus is not only the one making list and looking after everything. As the holidays are nearly here, so is the influx of sweets and candy, our dental health experts at, also have a few holiday wishes added to their wish list when it comes to keeping your oral care healthy throughout the holiday season.

Try going sugar free by making your sweets sugar free

Of course, you love sugar. And so do the bacteria residing in your mouth that make tooth decay possible. When you at food rich in sugar, the bacteria tend to produce acids that eat away your teeth and cause cavity. So, choose sugar free foods, meaning less food for bacteria and less acid on your teeth. If you really wish to eat something sweet, try eating foods sweetened with xylitol. This element helps in eliminating the plaque buildup. This compound is as sweet as sugar and most commonly added in mints, chewing gums, and cereals. If you love baking, try adding xylitol rather than sugar in your dough. The gist is to use xylitol in significant levels so as to prevent tooth decay at all costs. If xylitol is deemed the first ingredient, the food will definitely keep the tooth decay at bay.

Eat dark chocolate

Heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure aren’t just the enemies of your heart. Research claims that they have found an association between this ailments, treatments and dental health as well. Hence, if you are a chocoholic, always eat dark chocolate as it is super loaded with flavonoids or compounds that help in shielding your heart against these diseases. Unfortunately, milk chocolate and white chocolate doesn’t provide you with the best of any world and the same protective benefits. When you are eating a dark chocolate bar, make sure that it has at least 60 percent or more of real cocoa. Or else you will not make the most of the heart-protective advantages and you will add up a lot more calories and fat in your body.

Avoid sticky foods

Sure, gummy bears and taffy seem delicious, but this sticky stuff isn’t your best friend. This isn’t only applicable to the chewy candies but also dried fruits like cranberries which are deemed a common holiday staple. Not only dried fruits and chewy candies root for a chewier eating experience that works up your jaw and teeth, but those particles stay longer on your teeth, which also increases the cavity causing potential. If a child is wearing braces, giving him chewy candies will cost him a trip to his dentist.

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