How to stop your baby’s thumb-sucking habit?

Thumb sucking might look adorable when they are kids, but if this habit of theirs sustains, it might not look good when they start growing. Rather it becomes an irritating habit. There are various ways you can apply to make your kid stop the habit. A few ways are discussed in this blog. However, if all the suggestions fail, contact a dentist in Wilmington, DE, for further help.

Bitter nail polish 

Apply the bitter nail polish to the fingers so that they do not like the taste of their thumbs. It is one of the most effective ways of dealing with the sucking habit. Further, it will remind them that thumb sucking is not a good habit, and they will become conscious when they keep repeating the mistake.

Talk to them 

Often kids do not realize that they are doing it and that it is a bad habit. Thus, they keep repeating it. On the other hand, a few kids do it, as it makes them feel safe or it is a way to cut stress. Talk to your kid and ask them why they suck their thumb. Make them realize that it is not a good habit. If they have the realization that it is not good and want to change the habit, they will become conscious.

Use a finger guard

There are finger guards available on the market that are manufactured for kids to stop thumb-sucking. You can order these tools to stop them from repeating the habit.  

Talk to a dentist 

If you cannot find any solution to your problems, consult a dentist. Pediatric dentists deal with this kind of problem often. They have the proper experience and expertise to deal with such an issue. They have further various educational tools and equipment that will help your kid to get rid of this kind of problem.

Make your kid role play 

Give your kid a situation where they are the parent, and you are the children. Keep repeating sucking your thumb; if they scold you, tell them that to set a good example, they have to do it first. They will try to be a better role model for you, and in a fun way, you can bid goodbye to this funny habit.


All the ideas mentioned above have proven to be effective to make your kid stop the habit. For further help, take help from your dentist. 

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