RCT 101: Check these details before seeing a dentist in Kings Mountain

If bacterial growth impacts the enamel of a tooth, you will have a cavity, which can be fixed with fillings, onlays, and inlays. However, if there is deep decay or infection that has impacted the pulp of the tooth, you will have an endodontic procedure called RCT or root canal therapy. If you are visiting a dentist in Kings Mountain, NC, for root canal therapy, don’t forget to read the essential details below.

An overview of RCT

When the nerve and blood vessels inside a tooth are affected by infection/decay, just a regular filling will not help. Your dentist will suggest root canal therapy to protect the tooth from extraction. The process involves opening the tooth and removing the pulp, nerves, decay, and bacteria. Once a tooth is fully developed, the pulp inside is not necessary anymore and can be removed. Don’t assume that removing the tooth is a better idea because you will eventually need to spend more money and endure additional procedures to get a replacement.

“Do I need root canal therapy?”

That’s often one of the first questions that patients ask. There are telltale signs of deep decay, such as sensitivity to hot and food beverages, an abscess on the gums, toothache, and swelling in the gums. You may also need root canal therapy if you have an injury to the tooth or have an abscess inside the tooth.

A look at the procedure

You may need multiple appointments to complete root canal therapy. After the first consultation, your dentist will use a local anesthetic agent to numb the infected tooth. Next, they will place a rubber dam to keep the tooth dry and drill an access opening. They will use root canal files to remove pulp, nerve tissues, and bacteria from the inside of the tooth. After a complete cleaning, the dentist will fill the tooth with special materials. The whole procedure may take two or more visits, and in between the sessions, the dentist will use temporary fillings. Because the tooth becomes hollow after RCT, it is necessary to place a dental crown to encase it.

“Do I need a dental crown after RCT?”

That’s another elementary question that clients ask. Typically, it is common for dentists to suggest dental crowns after root canal therapy. The cap is ordered from a dental lab and customized for your needs. You will need to come back after a second appointment to get the crown.

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