The Benefits of Digital Impressions

Over the years, most people have been having dental problems, which have prompted them to seek treatment. In most instances, the individuals underwent the traditional process of taking dental impressions. However, this process had several challenges. For instance, it required several objects to perform, and physical transportation to the lab from the clinic, causing the rise of cross-infections. The improvement in technology has solved these problems through the introduction of digital impressions. If you have dental problems affecting your quality of life, Cedar Park digital impressions are the best option. The following are the benefits of dental impressions.

Improved Customer Experience

Even though the scans may fail to work for most patients, most patients prefer having digital impressions. One advantage of the intraoral scanners over the blue mousse is that they capture bite registrations more accurately. This feature removes the need for the patient to be sent to the dentist to verify the bite. 

They Offer Faster Turnaround Times

In most instances, the dental impressions can be sent to the lab fast. This helps the dentist to start the case fast. Moreover, 3D printing in-house offers greater control over the time the condition will take. When the person is not required to send the information to the print model, it can reduce the turnaround time by a huge margin.

Offers Better Products for the Patients

In most instances, the best crowns are usually customized according to the intraoral 3D scan of the individual’s mouth. This process is usually different from one of the scanned copies of the poured impression. The digital impression will also create better restorations, mostly for patients having difficult bites. In most instances, tray-and-putty impressions are likely to distort, pull and tear when the person has embrasure. Digital impressions avoid tears and pull, helping to capture the necessary details of traditional impressions you could have failed to have.

They Offer More Information to the Lab

One advantage of dental impression scanners is that they capture more information. They, therefore, offer the lab more tools to design successful restorations. For example, if the intraoral scanner identifies a color, it could notify the lab of a dark stump. This would show that it would be hard to place the translucent crown. The labs will apply this information to choose alternative crown materials which could have better esthetics for the individual.

Enhanced Collaboration

The digital impressions boost the collaboration between the person and the lab. For instance, if the person has a questionable margin, the lab could clarify this margin digitally using a screen-share service. This process saves the person from sending the model back for you to trim the margin. It, therefore, reduces the dentist’s workload while boosting the turnaround time and results.

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