What can You Expect from Your First Visit to a Dentist?

We all tend to ignore our oral health unless a toothache irritates us or gum bleeding gets persistent. If you look after your oral health properly, you are likely to experience bigger problems in the coming years. That’s why it is highly recommended to visit a dentist in Gladstone, MO, and get your teeth and gums checked out. If you are meeting with your dentist for the first time, you can expect a few things from him.

A thorough checkup

The first time, you might have not visited him for the treatment. However, if you have pain in a tooth or any other issue, he will have a look at the problem first. For instance, if you have bleeding gums, he might treat you for this problem before looking at anything else. He may suggest other remedies for good oral health in subsequent meetings.

Asking about your medical condition

Before giving any treatment for your issue, he would like to know whether there is any underlying condition you have been suffering from. Some of these conditions include high blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart diseases. He also needs to know if you are taking any medicine at the time of treatment. He needs to understand your medical conditions so that his treatment does not interrupt the treatment that you already are undergoing. In some rare cases, he will speak with your health care provider before prescribing the medicine.

Your family’s medical history

If he is not your family dentist, he will ask several questions related to any disease in your family, such as cancer, heart problems, and others.  He needs to know if you are prone to any health issues that run in your family. Depending on the information, he will plan his treatment further.

Scheduling the next visit 

He will prescribe you medicines and create a plan to take these medicines. If the medical condition needs more time to get cured, he will ask you to meet him after a week or 15 days. It is strongly recommended to follow his instructions so that the problem can be eliminated properly. If you don’t follow up with him, you are likely to worsen your condition.

If you don’t have any problem with teeth or gums, you must visit a dentist after six months or one year. During this meeting, he can check whether you need medical assistance or not. By seeing him regularly, you can ensure good oral health.

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