What Do You Need to Know about Testing?

Why do you need health screening and testing? You may consider going for a disease or health testing for various reasons, including identifying the cause of your health issue or preventing some medical conditions. Health testing is essential as it enhances the provision of early treatments and prevents severe complications. Testing gives you details about your health status, which is critical in taking care of your body. The Ham Lake testing center is the place to be, for all types of accurate and timely testing. Read on to understand the test at the center.

What does testing involve?

Testing is a key part of every treatment process. Usually, it’s through testing that your provider evaluates the exact cause of your problem and helps come up with specific treatment methods.

In most health facilities, testing may take more time than expected, especially when there are no laboratory facilities. Unfortunately, it may lengthen the treatment process, which may not be ideal for you.

However, the case is different at GatherWell, as the testing is quick, and you get results in minutes. The fast results help in the provision of treatment without delay.

What to expect during the testing process?

Quick lab results are what everyone wants. The GatherWell team ensures you receive just that. Usually, the facility offers different types of tests and has three locations.

The first step involves booking your appointment online, with the type of test you need and in what location. The next step is the appointment. Unlike other places, your testing occurs in a drive-through.

Depending on the test you need, the results are ready in 15 minutes up to 48 hours. You may wait for the results in your car, or the health providers can email them to you.

What types of tests are available?

The team at GatherWell offers various types of testing, including antigen testing, antibody testing, and PCR testing. Your provider collects samples, nasal swabs for antigen and PCR testing, and oral swabs for antibody testing.

The GatherWell team offers tests for the following health issues.


You may need a COVID-19 test if you experience fever, runny nose, fatigue, shortness of breath, sore throat, and loss of taste. In addition, you may want to have a COVID-19 test if you had close contact with an infected person.


Flu and COVID-19 symptoms are almost similar, and it might be hard to tell what you are suffering without a test. GatherWell offers both the flu and COVID-19 virus tests to provide you with specific treatment.


Allergies may develop from different causes, including molds, animals, weeds, grass, insects, or pollen. Allergy testing helps identify the exact cause of your allergy, allowing your provider to prescribe an effective treatment.

Your provider works with you to help you find the source of your symptoms. You can access various tests as you may need.

Contact GatherWell today, and book your appointment on your preferred test and location for fast and accurate results.

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