What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a tooth-supported substitute for missing teeth. It is composed of a crown and one or more posts. Dental bridges can be used to replace single teeth in the upper or lower jaw. A bridge usually takes about two weeks to complete.

You can make dental bridges in Winnipeg, MB,  from porcelain or metals, even with a gold alloy. The dentist takes a cast of the patient’s teeth to create custom a custom bridge. A bridge is cemented into place over the gap in your teeth. It usually stays in place permanently. Bridges may be necessary if the gums recede from where teeth are missing, exposing the root surface, causing decay and gum disease.

Most patients who do not lose more than one tooth at a time and have good bone structure can fit either fixed or removable bridges. A fixed bridge is cemented in place and needs to be maintained with dental sealants. A removable bridge is made of porcelain and can be polished, brushed, or both. If you need a dental bridge, you better schedule an appointment with a dentist in Winnipeg. 

Why Would You Consider Getting Dental Bridges?

The process of losing multiple teeth due to gum disease and the aging process can be devastating, both emotionally and physically. But you can get help with the use of dental bridges. You may have already noticed that your smile is changing because of a gap in your teeth. Because you are missing multiple teeth, your bite is changing, which can affect how you chew food or even cause headaches from jaw pain.

Dental bridges can help you regain your smile and maintain the health and function of your teeth. Most people think of dental bridges as temporary treatments, but they may actually be permanent. Once you get used to the look and feel of a bridge, it can be easier to keep it for the rest of your life than an over-the-counter bridge that you are likely to lose easily because it is not custom-made for you.

When getting dental bridges, make sure that your dentist has enough experience. To enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile, you can consult an experienced dentist. If you feel like it is time for you to have dental bridges, it is important to choose the best possible dentist in Winnipeg.

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