When Should You Get a Bismarck Tooth Replacement?

Whether you have a missing tooth or had a tooth removed before, you should realize the importance of getting a tooth replacement. Losing a tooth does not only lead to an aesthetic issue but also causes an oral health problem. Losing a tooth can create a gap between your teeth that can cause the rest of the teeth to shift. Also, a teeth cap can lead to bone loss. Given the possible complications of losing a tooth, you should consider getting a replacement from a reputable Bismarck dentist

Why Get a Tooth Replacement?

Each tooth in your mouth has a role to play. You need your teeth for chewing food properly, which aids digestion and nutrition. Also, your teeth help you speak properly and clearly. A change in your look due to missing teeth is not the worse thing that could occur.

Delaying tooth replacement can lead to teeth misalignment or bite issues. The teeth adjacent to the tooth you lost will move toward each other to try to fill the gap. As a result, there will be a partial gap between your teeth and the crooked teeth that are not easy to clean. Because of this change in how your teeth are aligned, you can experience difficulty biting and chewing. 

Moreover, when an unfilled mouth socket is not filled, an adjacent tooth can hyper erupt. In addition, missing a tooth means a lack of tooth that supports a certain part of your mouth. Because of this, your gums and jawbone may start to degenerate, causing your lips and cheeks to be sunken. 

What are Your Tooth Replacement Options?

If you want to avoid the complications mentioned above, you should get a replacement tooth right after you lose one. The seriousness of the condition and your financial resources will determine the kind of replacement and how many teeth can be replaced. 

For a lot of patients, dental implants are a great option since they act like artificial tooth roots. Crowns will then be attached to these artificial roots. They provide a natural look and keep much of your original tooth’s functionality. In addition, a dental bridge is another option, which covers teeth gaps created after you lost teeth. The dental bridge is attached to your natural teeth or implant on every side. Another replacement option you can consider is a partial denture, which attaches to your natural teeth and can be put in and taken out easily. 

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