LUMINEERS®: The best dental veneers for that perfect smile

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry and want to find ways to fix aesthetic concerns related to your smile, consider porcelain veneers. For the unversed, porcelain veneers are wafer-thin shells that are bonded to the tooth surface to correct various cosmetic issues. When visiting family dentistry in Fort Walton Beach, FL, you may want to discuss the option of LUMINEERS® BY CERINATE with your dentist. These advanced types of veneers can give you a whiter smile that can last for years. In this post, we are discussing the various aspects of LUMINEERS®.

Understanding LUMINEERS®

LUMINEERS® are thinner versions of traditional veneers and appear as thin as contact lenses. In the case of conventional veneers, a part of the tooth structure or enamel is removed, which can be painful and may cause sensitivity. LUMINEERS® are permanent veneers, and you wouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. This can be an option for fixing chipped, discolored, or misaligned teeth. Often known as smile-shapers in the world of cosmetic dentistry, LUMINEERS® can transform your teeth and give you a whiter and uniform smile. LUMINEERS can be placed even on dental bridges and crowns, which makes them a great choice for most patients.

Why should you contact LUMINEERS®?

LUMINEERS® is an excellent way of getting veneers without the pain associated with the traditional procedure. You wouldn’t need any anesthesia, and there is little to no change in tooth structure. There is no need for buffing, grinding, cutting, and removal of the enamel, which prevents unwanted damage to the tooth. These veneers are made of patented porcelain from Den-Mat Corporation, trusted in the field of oral care. To get LUMINEERS®, you don’t need to go through an extensive preparation process, and there would be no sensitivity after the procedure is done. Your dentist can complete the entire treatment in just two appointments, and the final look is extremely natural as the veneers are super thin and translucent.

Other things to know

LUMINEERS® can restore your teeth and add to the overall functionality and strength. Even with primary care, your veneers can last for up to 16 years, and for many patients, it is one of the most effective alternatives to braces. Even if you have old dental bridgework, you can still get these veneers, and there are no risks of micro-cracking.

Talk to your dentist and discuss the pros and cons of LUMINEERS® for your smile concerns. Book an appointment today.

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