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Healthcare is a team effort made possible by communication between kids, parents, and our compassionate doctors. At Generations Family Practice, we urge parents and kids to participate proactively in choosing healthy lifestyles. Through our pediatrics Cary solutions, we create a relaxing and friendly setting to provide comprehensive pediatric treatment for infants and children of all ages. Learn more about our services and how we treat your children.

What is Pediatrics Care?

One of the keys to preserving excellent health and wellness for your child is having a pediatrician you can trust. Children of all ages receive pediatric care at Generations Family Practice, which includes preventative medicine, assessments, and treatments. The doctors at Generations Family Practice have a wealth of experience in providing the best possible care and living conditions for children.

Specialists at Generations Family Practice tailor pediatric therapies to lower the likelihood of significant or complicated medical issues. To guarantee excellent care, they can, if required, refer your child to a specialist.

Benefits of Pediatric Care

Ø Lowers the infant mortality rate

Pediatric care keeps an eye on a child’s development to guarantee normal and healthy growth. Some chronic conditions, including cancer, diabetes, and asthma, can be identified early and treated effectively. Pediatricians can start therapy early and save a child’s life by diagnosing certain chronic diseases early on. Early access to comprehensive, specialist pediatric care will increase your child’s likelihood of surviving chronic illnesses.

Ø Ensures a Child Is Vaccinated Properly

Vaccines are essential for a child’s healthy development since they guard against the spread of various diseases like measles and chickenpox. Parents occasionally need to remember their kids’ immunization schedules. Pediatricians do, however, maintain a child’s official medical records and inform the parent when the child’s subsequent vaccination is scheduled. 

Ø Pediatricians Work with Other Experts

The pediatrician will send you to a specialist if your child has a condition they cannot treat. A pediatric urgent care center with several specialists is now available for convenient service. As a result, a kid whose condition necessitates referral to a specialist by the pediatrician will receive care there.

The medical professionals at Generations Family Practice collaborate with you and your child to deliver excellent care.

What Can You Anticipate During Pediatric Visits?

Your child’s pediatrician frequently completes the following tasks during appointments:

Physical Exam

During a physical examination, your child’s doctor assesses their eyes, ears, throat, breathing, reflexes, heartbeat, and more, in addition to their growth, psychological health, and wellness. They look for symptoms of infections, injuries, and developmental delays.

Assessment of Vital Signs

The doctors at Generations Family Practice evaluate your child’s vital signs, including temperature, pulse, blood pressure, height, weight, and body mass index.

Review of Medical History

Pediatricians examine your child’s daily routine, personal and family medical histories, symptoms, and medication use.

They might suggest dietary adjustments, medicine, shots, immunizations, fracture care, or other therapies.

If your child becomes ill, displays new or unusual symptoms, or if you have worries or queries regarding their wellbeing, call the office to book an appointment.

Regarding pediatric care, the Generations Family Practice team believes it’s important to empower children and their families to make wise, healthy decisions that will result in long, fulfilling lives. This philosophy is shared with all of our healthcare practitioners. Make an appointment with a board-certified pediatrician in Cary by calling our Generations immediately! Your entire family, including any additions, can be taken care of by us.


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